Homemade Content vs Professional Content: What’s better for your brand on Instagram?

The one question our clients always ask us when it comes to creating more engaging content: should we use homemade content (shot with iPhone, unscripted pictures and video) or professional content (pictures and videos shot with a DSLR and packaged to look like an ad). Well, after 5 years of working with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries, we’ve come to the conclusion that you need BOTH!

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Check your page insights frequently. They'll tell you a lot about your audience.

Stating The Not-So Obvious

While this may seem obvious, many brands and companies do not take advantage of both types. “Homemade” content shows transparency and a certain human element that cannot be replicated with professional shot content. It’s true that an aesthetic and uniform feed is nice on the eyes, but does it really help you get more business? For example, would someone looking to get a beauty procedure rather look at a professional edited video/pictures of the service or a behind the scenes look of the actual procedure shot with a smartphone (unedited)?

Build Trust

Consumers value transparency and honesty which is exactly what they get when interacting with homemade content. The real value in professional content comes from a branding perspective. “This company is successful and has lots of customers, therefore they can afford professional production for content” is a common belief among consumers and helps build trust in that aspect. It also shows that a company is willing to invest in itself and cares about their image enough to put out purposeful, professional content.

The trick is to mix things up with both and analyze the results of each post.

Customer testimonials shot on iPhones are more credible than professionally filmed testimonials. Professional pictures and videos of models wearing a bikini may entice consumers more than just an iPhone pic in front of the mirror.

Here’s how we do it for our clients on Instagram:
  • A/B test homemade content and professional content on both the feed and stories.
  • Analyze the insights
  • Produce more content similar to the ones that performed better
  • Rinse and repeat

Soon enough, you’ll find out the type of content that your audience prefers and responds to. When that happens, you’ll organically see an increase in traffic to your blog or online store, sales, and overall engagement. So don’t be afraid to experiment - think outside the box and test different things!

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