Nu You Wellness Center

Nu You Wellness Center came to Social Wolf Media looking to grow their customer base and also increase that quality of their Social Media content. The main goal here being that they wanted to create a long term campaign that focused on lead generation for their location but also a new location that would be opening soon. We brought our entire team onto this project as they asked for a full white glove service (meaning they wanted everything we could offer them in order to achieve these goals).

The solution was a mix of unique lead generation campaign funnels that we build alongside Facebook & Instagram ads. What we did is break down every major service Nu You wanted more customers for (Cool Sculpting, Weightloss, Laser Hair Removal, etc..) and then we created a unique mini campaign for each of those services. These mini campaigns contained their own respect website funnel & social media marketing ads.

It was plenty of work but at the end of the day it truly paid off as one of our best client success stories!

We were able to generate over 300+ leads within the FIRST month of this campaign being launched. The picture below is a live sample of just a few days of the campaign running and what it looks like within the G-mail platform as we automatically send the lead information to Nu You wellness center.

Are you ready? 👉 Let’s work together!

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