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Qms came to Social Wolf Media looking to generate leads in the mortgage space that was not only unique but also scalable. They had been using magazine mailers as their primary source of lead generation and while it did offer quality leads - they were expensive & it was basically impossible to scale it very far.

There were only so many people that would read the magazine every month.

This would be a client that needed a complete lead nurturing campaign that included an automatic e-mail drip sequence to indoctrinate potential leads.

After 3 months of split testing between Google Ads & Facebook ads, Facebook ads proved to be the best source to get low-cost quality leads that could be scaled.

We started ad spending at 20$ a day moving all the way up to $100 a day in a few short weeks. The average lead cost goal objective was less than $20, we averaged $6.47 per lead.

Facebook ads have become the main campaign source for lead & data


$6.47 per Home Buy Lead Generated including Name, Number & E-mail.

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